Shower that recycles water eyes UK with target saving of a billion litres

Water is essential, so will a £3,500 recycling shower prove to be the affordable solution to cut waste?

We have a water problem. In response, the government is looking to make it compulsory for every home in the UK to be metered by 2020. According to, every person in the UK uses 150 litres of water daily, or 54,750 litres a year.

“In the UK we’re in the unusual position of being able to use drinking water for everything including showering; we’ve become complacent in our water use but times are changing and we can no longer afford to be profligate with our energy use or water use”, says Dr John Collins, Disruptive Technologist and Commercial Director at Imperial College, London.

Cintep’s shower unit aims to save more than 1bn litres of water by 2017. For every one litre of water going into the shower system, over three litres of water come back out. Read more.

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