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Honda launches new brand site for tech, innovation and motorsport

Engine manufacturer Honda has launched a new brand site. The Engine Room covers all things tech, innovation and motorsport and hopes to rekindle consumer enthusiasm for the brand here in the UK and across the world.

The Engine Room replaces Dream magazine and will feature a variety of content about cars, bikes, power tools and marine in video and written formats.

Click here for The Engine Room

New Kia Sportage prototype review

As we’ve already seen, the all-new Sportage has taken huge steps towards a more contemporary, European design, but can that be paired with big improvements to refinement and comfort?

Before Kia showcases the Sportage at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Auto Express joined the Korean manufacturer in California’s Mojave Desert to sample an early prototype. Read full article here.

ANALYSIS: Should manufacturers really put Facebook in the car?

How we reconcile the tasks of driving a vehicle with the desire of drivers to stay connected looks set to be at the heart of the evolving vehicle in the future. How much information does the driver really want and how far do we go before we hit problems with ‘distraction’? Cat Dow considers some of the latest research which questions assumptions on drivers’ social media demands.

With the increasing penetration of smartphones into the consumer sphere and a large number of accidents on the road from driver distraction, the manufacturers find themselves in something of a predicament. The assumption has been that Generation Y want all the applications they have on their smartphones, in their cars too. However, an automotive technology research firm, SBD, has carried out a series of tests and discovered that the younger generation don’t really want Facebook and other social media inside their car while driving. Read more.