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Top things we learned from TU-Automotive Munich 2016 – ANALYSIS

As we review our notes from this year’s TU-Automotive Europe conference, we look at the most interesting insights as global players strive to bring more safety and security to our roads, via the Internet of Things.

If consumers all adopt Waze, the industry is in trouble.

A key debate came about between the benefits of Waze, the brought-in navigation app, and the disadvantages greatly affecting the future of OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. China tops out global figures for embedded navigation, which continues to grow, despite consumer popularity for brought-in solutions. Roger Lanctot, Strategy Analytics, warned that the ultimate goal to save lives cannot be met if OEMs cannot own the data generated by embedded navigation. Welcome Waze at your peril!

Self-drive systems will replace the engine as the car will be built around it.

As we shift from semi-autonomous to highly autonomous transportation, the focus will shift from the engine to the strength of connectivity. VW’s Chief Digital Officer, Johann Jungwirth, predicted that two new vehicle types would emerge…Read on.



ANALYSIS: Should manufacturers really put Facebook in the car?

How we reconcile the tasks of driving a vehicle with the desire of drivers to stay connected looks set to be at the heart of the evolving vehicle in the future. How much information does the driver really want and how far do we go before we hit problems with ‘distraction’? Cat Dow considers some of the latest research which questions assumptions on drivers’ social media demands.

With the increasing penetration of smartphones into the consumer sphere and a large number of accidents on the road from driver distraction, the manufacturers find themselves in something of a predicament. The assumption has been that Generation Y want all the applications they have on their smartphones, in their cars too. However, an automotive technology research firm, SBD, has carried out a series of tests and discovered that the younger generation don’t really want Facebook and other social media inside their car while driving. Read more.