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Honda launches new brand site for tech, innovation and motorsport

Engine manufacturer Honda has launched a new brand site. The Engine Room covers all things tech, innovation and motorsport and hopes to rekindle consumer enthusiasm for the brand here in the UK and across the world.

The Engine Room replaces Dream magazine and will feature a variety of content about cars, bikes, power tools and marine in video and written formats.

Click here for The Engine Room


Back in 2010, we reviewed the Honda FCX Clarity. It was the first time Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell car had made it to British shores. We were impressed by the quality of the vehicle and smoothness of the drive, but there seemed to be some significant reservations as to its potential as a future consumer fuel back then. Four years later, we look at how the situation has changed.

Why hydrogen?

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are zero-carbon emission vehicles, emitting only water. They refuel much like conventional ICE engines and the new 2015 Honda Clarity FCX will do 430 driving miles…read more.

Toyota to sell hydrogen-powered cars by 2015

The makers of the Prius will plough ahead with a hydrogen-powered electric car.

Toyota will putt 10,000 hydrogen-powered electric cars on the road from next year. After reducing the cost of production by 95 per cent, the Japanese automaker believes it is now in a position to mass-produce 10,000 units, which it expects will retail for… read more.