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Cat Dow predicts Monaco host for Formula-E

In her mind, it was a foregone conclusion – they have the desire, the interest, the money and seemed to fit perfectly with the proposed winter season – but when the initial host cities for the upcoming Formula-E series were released, Dow was stunned to see a grave omission. No Monaco.

The calendar has finally been announced for the 2014 Formula-E racing series.  Starting in September 2014, so as to avoid most of the F1 weekends, the inaugural all-electric racing has also seen a change in venue hosts.

Bangkok, Rome and Rio De Janeiro have been dropped from the first season’s calendar, in favour of Monaco, Puntra el Estra (Uruguay) and Hong Kong.

The calendar for the season looks like this:

Round 1 – Beijing, China* – 20th September 2014
Round 2 – Putrajaya, Malaysia – 18th October 2014
Round 3 – Hong Kong, China – 8th November 2014
Round 4 – Punta del Este, Uruguay – 13th December 2014
Round 5 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 10th January 2015
Round 6 – Los Angeles, USA – 14th February 2015
Round 7 – Miami, USA – 18th April 2015
Round 8 – Monte Carlo, Monaco* – 9th May 2015
Round 9 – Berlin, Germany – 30th May 2015
Round 10- London, UK – 27th June 2015

Dow can’t bloody wait. #gogreenraceblue